How to Become a Vlogger and Make Money

If you have visited YouTube, it is evident that you have to look up an extensive list of streamers, regular and average people and influencers, having a ton of video content that they are sharing with the online world. The thing the vloggers share in common is that they all have bundles of subscribers, thousands, and even millions, of subscribers.

If you are like me, you are likely also amazed by their numbers of subscribers, which means how someone can get a massive amount of subscribers? And then believably, a question arises in your mind, Can I become such a successful vlogger? The answer is “YES,” you can be successful and get millions of subscribers.

Are you interested in vlogging? Then YouTube is the best source as it has been the second most visited website on the internet for 15 years since it launched the platform.

YouTube is the centerpiece for a vlog, and it is the digital powerhouse. The attractiveness of YouTube is that everyone can get started, whether you want to share your life or engage your audience on a personal level as a business owner.

Beginning a vlog channel might seem an easy task, which you form a channel, upload your stuff and start gaining subscribers, but it’s not a rice-eating plate. You have to do a lot more. You need to devote time to doing research work, getting the right equipment. It is a bit complicated but doesn’t give up here. I am here to tell you all you need to know about vlogging and making money.

What is Vlogging?

Before you get started as a vlogger, it is necessary to learn about vlogging. The word Vlog is the combination of two words; video blog or video log. It is the art of creating videos for the audience. It is the kind of blog for which video is the medium. A vlog is a written blog that is posted to the internet, but rather than writing content, and you make videos of your content to illustrate it to your audience and post it online on the internet.


Below here I have tried my best, to instruct you all of the guidelines you will need to know about vlogging and making money.

Choose/Select your content:

You are interested in starting a vlog, but you don’t have any idea about the topic; which content should you pick for your niche, or it might be possible; you have an idea, but not sure if that is going to work or not? And if you are nodding your head, so you are not alone, many face this problem.

Don’t quit because of it; I will cover almost all of the questions bouncing in your head. The purpose of a vlog is to share your thoughts with people on social networks. So why don’t you? 

Here are 4 pro tips you should follow to pick your niche:

  • First, pick a topic that you love about talking or doing.
  • Next step is to do the market research and make sure that your research market is profitable and there is a big enough market for your content.
  • Next, select a smaller niche.
  • Lastly, make sure that your content is profitable.

Define your VLOG channel purpose:

The next step is to do enough research on your vlog and decide on the content you want to start a vlog. Then you should be cleared of these answers:

  • What are you going to do in your videos?
  • Will your vlog be worthy?
  • What are you going to deliver in your vlog?

Vlogging is a hybrid of spontaneity and everyday activities so that you can vlog your these activities involve tutorials (make-up, hairstyle, hijab), cooking, unboxing, exercising, and a lot more. 

Now, you might be thinking that, What if people get bored of my daily activities videos? So my answer is that it is a fact that people prefer to watch other people’s lives that they can relate to.

If you want to stick to a specific topic, but finding difficulty in making videos, go and look at other vloggers and draw inspiration from them.

Watch out for the other vloggers:

Before starting your vlog channel, I recommend you look at other vloggers or star vloggers, don’t get depressed by watching their success; I am telling you to do so because it will help you start your vlog, it will give you some new ideas. And you will get to know that how they are working and making a vlog. So it’s my advice to you to watch hours of the vloggers as it helps you out on the time management that how the vloggers are doing and what they are doing.

Be consistent and patient:

The most important task after you start your vlog is to be patient. Don’t be in the hustle bustle to gain subscribers and success. Success is not something you achieve overnight, it takes time, so you have to be patient and focused. And the result will be worthy as you wanted, but it will take time. You shouldn’t be overwhelmed by watching other vloggers’ success rates; they have not reached there just in a day, they have waited for months and even years to get there. So you also have to show some consistency during your journey of becoming a vlogger and making money.

Stay an Active vlogger:

When you have got your audience, it’s obvious that you don’t want to lose them. So, for this, you have to stay focused and active on your channel. Upload your videos with consistency so it will make your audience stick with you. 

Don’t disappoint your audience; if you are dormant for a while, let your audience know it. You have to deliver what your fans are demanding and make sure the content is good quality, entertaining, and informative. By taking care of these, your subscribers grow with your vlog library.

Equipment’s for vlogging:

To start a successful vlog, you need to have top quality pieces of equipment for your video coverage. Below here I have listed all of the types of equipment you need in vlogging:


When you begin vlogging, you need a good quality camera that records standard video. And make sure it is of HD quality for excellent viewing capability and easy to use.


A tripod stand will help you make a steady video and help in the best shoot possible.


When recording a vlog, natural light is not enough; you will need a lighting system. The lighting system will help you look better, and it also takes the best shoot of videos.

Editing software:

The last and the most crucial task are to edit your video, for which you need excellent editing software so that it will cover up all of your flaws easily without letting know the audience. Editing software is necessary because your viewers don’t want to see your rambling, so cut these off and make a brief video as possible.

Start recording your vlog:

Now start making your vlog; it won’t be perfect at first because perfection needs time. As time passes, you will be skilled at it. And make sure you are delivering what viewers want. Get your vlog to publish on social media; the more vlog you upload it will be better. Lastly, make sure you are making professional videos.

How to start vlogging with phone:

After you have followed all of the instructions I mentioned above, a question will pop into your mind: How can I start vlogging? Can I start vlogging with my phone? I will answer it as YES; you can begin vlogging with your phone. Below here I am telling you some tips while you are filming your vlog with phone.

Place your phone at your face height

Usually, people shoot their vlog at arm’s length, and the component appears like a selfie stick. But it can disturb your perfection because a minor movement of your hand will result in a massive action of your camera. So you have to find a place where you can put your phone quickly, and your phone must be placed must place your phone at your face height. And your phone should be in a stationary state as the viewers don’t want to watch a shaky video.

Look at the camera not the screen of phone

I have seen a lot of vlogs in which people are looking at the screen rather than the lens of the camera; it makes the viewer feel strange. I know it is a bit weird to talk to a tiny black, but I assure you your audience will thank you for it. While you are filming your vlog, you must be careful that your eyes should be looking at the camera of the phone, not the screen. It is an essential thing in the shooting.

A taking home message;

If the screen is distracting you, you can put a card over your phone screen to focus on the camera. 

Gaining likes on your videos:

You have to ask your audience to like your videos because like is the key component to earn money from YouTube. YouTube algorithm works on the way how many likes you get from your channel. So if you are gaining likes regularly, YouTube knows that viewers like your videos and enjoy them.

Ask your audience to subscribe to your videos:

It is essential to get subscribers to form your audience base. Your videos are watched by many people and also shared on social media. So ask these casual viewers to subscribe to your videos. The more subscribers you get, it is possible that the more companies will be looking at you to gain visibility from their products with your vlog. 

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Tips for Vlogging with an iPhone:

iPhone is the best smartphone in this era; it has the best of all the features it contain. So that way, you can also use it to start your vlogging. Here are some tips for beginning vlogging with iPhone;

Use the right app: You could undoubtedly use the default video functioning in your iPhone, but it may not result professionally as you want. Using the native video functioning is good in some circumstances; sometimes, you will face struggles. To avoid the struggles, I recommend you to use the better option. And download the app that sums up the best features of the camera of iPhone, such as Filmic; such apps have excellent tools for making your video professional, like adjusting pictures and frame rates, tracking action and much more.

Always use landscape mode: Holding the phone horizontally -landscape mood has now a fundamental consideration in today’s digital world. However, the portrait mood video has issues in formatting and is not suitable for online posting. So always remember to use the landscape mood.

Don’t forget to enable image stabilization: Image stabilization is the essential feature in vlogging. Android phone is susceptible to movement. it can make your video jostle and shake, even when you are standing still in your position. iPhone has an image stabilization feature. You can activate it and enjoy it. 


Now, when you have learned all about vlogging; so you are ready to understand how to make money with vlogging. You have the right pieces of equipment and select the niche you will do or talk about. So what is left is to learn to make money with vlogging. I will cover all the content you need to know about making money online.

Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is an Ad you placed in front of your Vlog, and it will run before your vlog start. So if the viewer clicks on the ad, you will get paid, and it’s one cent per ad. So if you have thousands of viewers, you will have hand-some of amount.

Affiliate market:

Affiliate marketing is the standard and popular option to earn money as a vlogger. It is a process in which you promote a reliable company’s product as an advertiser and drive the sale. Affiliate partners will search for a product they enjoy and promote it. After making a sale, you will be rewarded with a payout. It is an easy way to make money as a vlogger on YouTube or any performing platform.


If this word is new to you, then you are not the only one. Many beginner vloggers are not known to this word; let me explain to you that how you can earn money from it;

Patreon is a membership platform of America. Patreon is the source providing platform where you can earn money; here, you can get paid for what you are creating already, like videos of you content. It is a making you get from your fans pays few bucks per month on your videos per month or every time you upload a video on your channel. Fans pay the amount of their choice in exchange for experience from your Vlogs and behind-the-scene content.

Patreon will charge a commission of 5-12 per cent on your monthly income and additional payment processing fees.

Wrap up

I have covered up all the information you need to know as a beginner vlogger in this article. So now you are ready to dive into this deep ocean of vlogging and make your earning. Follow the information in this article. Start now and be consistent and patient; your hard work will pay off, and you will become a respected vlogger. 

Your journey of becoming a vlogger and making money is not complicated and neither that easy; it just requires your patience and your dedication to your work. I hope this article will help you out in your journey towards becoming a vlogger and making money.  

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